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    GOT GEESE!!!
          If you are using either one of these solutions, to get rid of the geese on your property, and not working!

   Then try OUR SOLUTION!!!  The Goose light!!
    1. Stop Geese within weeks from sleeping and habitating an area within a 75 yards radius.
    2. Prevents them from nesting year after year.
    3. Easy to install in any environment in minutes.
    4. No maintenance required.
    5. Costs less than a dollar a day for peace of mind.
    6. Causes absolutely no harm to the bird and its environment.

                        LAND UNIT                                              SPORTS PACKAGE                WATER BASE UNIT (Pools, Ponds)
                   ROOF TOP ACCESSORY                                              FOR BUILDINGS/ PARKING LOTS

              Can be installed in a lawn, on the water, on a rooftop with a special attachment, in minutes!!
                                                        It is also solar powered so NO wires to run!! 


Interested in being a Dealer/ Reseller in your area for our Geese Deterrent Products?
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