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We aim to protect your company's assets, whether it is your employees, clients, or facilities.  We accomplish this by hiring the best security professionals in the industry, giving them a consistent training program, and supplying them with only the best equipment and tools of the trade.


We are security and safety professionals dedicated to safeguarding human life and property of our clients as well as protecting their work environment.  In support of the Company's mission, we have developed programs that provide support services, training, and guidance while assuring regulatory compliance.  We strive to empower clients through their participation in these programs to protect themselves and their environment.  We are attentive to our clients concerns and welcome their comments.


First of all, we listen to our customers and hear what they have to say.  We design our security systems and services to our customers' specific needs and wants.  We prepare our personnel with everything they could possibly need or want to meet our clients' needs.  Our installers are professionals, they use the required parts with the utmost care in the installation process.  We train the customer in the use of the service or system they have just invested in.  Then we follow up with those clients, in order that the customer satisfaction level is achieved and maintained, so they become, "Customers For Life".

 An example of actual wire pulled from a client's camera wiring.

    Competitor's Wiring           Knight's Wiring


         "We are a Full Service Security Company that is rapidly on
        the move, to provide the best possible service to our clients,
                                where ever they may be." 



Knights Security Services, LLC., is a "Full Service Security Company", originating from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Originally serving the Philadelphia and the four counties surrounding area, including Chester, Delaware, Bucks and Montgomery counties. Now our reach has extended nationwide, in many of our services that we now offer. We have always listened to our clients concerns and addressed them in a professional manner, while keeping in mind the type of business and their economic limitations in which they operate in. Recommendations are made to address those security concerns and are implemented in a timely manner. Resulting in a resolution that meets with our clients high expectations, thus satisfying our customer.
     Although we have grown in size and in our customer base over the years, there's one thing that hasn't changed: our uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction and service.  This attitude is evident in everything we do from the smallest of service calls to the largests of installations.
   Our goal is to provide you with the most reliable and user-friendly security innovations available to date.  We know you have a choice when selecting a security company.  At Knights Security Services, we go further than the competition to ensure our customers are satisfied and to protect the important things in their lives.