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Knights Security Services, pride ourselves on the full line of services and now we are adding a full line of locksmith services.  Our locksmiths are fully licensed and qualified in the field of which they represent.  We have locksmiths, that are 2nd and 3rd generations, in which if the product does not exist by todays' standards, we will work that much harder and customize and design something that will solve our clients' problems.   We use only the best material and products in the industry, such as Securitron, Medeco, Primus, Hess, and RCI, etc..  We also provide safes for a variety of uses, for Banks, Check Cashing, Retail Stores, and Restaurants, etc., these can be from the free standing, to the built in the wall, to floor drop safes. Please contact a security specialist on our full line of lock services. 

Do you have a trash enclosure?
Tired of taking off and putting on that old padlock and chain?
We have an answer for that new enclosure!!
A lock that works by a changeable combination!!
Weather resistant and easy to use!!
Please take a look!!

             NEW!! Got a fire door that you want more secure! and meets all Fire regulations, Well here it is!!

Examples of the locking supplies we use:


  Examples of some of the safes we offer: