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Networking/ Wiring

We protect your network from hackers and viruses while still gaining all the advantages of sharing resources such as printers, files, data, and high speed internet access.  We can configure and connect your inter-office network to the clients' specific requirements.  Our team can and will install a firewall, in order that your data is safe and secure.  Knights Security Services will design and implement a backup and disaster recovery plan, so your business doesn't lose a step in case of those unforseen events. 

We can also install a wireless network, in order to extend your inter-office network without the restraint and limitations of cabling.  Our technicians will put together a wireless system that will ease your mind, having to do with computer savy visitors attempting to connect to your confidential data or bogging down your system with unauthorized traffic.

IT Services and Repairs

We at Knights Security Services, not only design, develop, and install your POS (Point of Sale) system, but will assist in maintaining it, so your business continues to operate.  Knights Security Services sells a POS system that is specifically designed for your type of business, from food service to the check cashing industry.  We use our own Point of Sale software that is fully customizable to your business needs and fine tuned to your specific needs or wants.  We not only service our products but we offer maintenance and service agreements for other computers and POS systems of our competitors, because we know where our competition fails, we deliver the Customer Service that they can not.  We offer service agreements from "unlimited telephone support" to "service at your location" to the combination of both.